Hong Kong & Shanghai Culture Tours

Hong Kong: 454 Des Voeux Road West, 27 B,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, tel (+852) 69969225

Shanghai: South Maoming Road Lane 159, 12#,
Huanpu District, Shanghai 200020, tel (+86) 15021769130



During your stay in China, how about knowing more about some specific parts of Chinese culture. We currently propose following tours: 
  • History tour
    • one half day program with historical insights, sharing of old photos and star ferry tour from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon
  • Architecture tour
    • one half day program comparing different phases of Hong Kong development including some hidden gems of Hong Kong mansions and palaces 
  • Sheung Wan markets:
    • one half day program including visits of hidden temples, antique market and Chinese traditional medecine shops 
  • Colonial tour:
    • one half day program back to the British origins of Hong Kong: the Peak, Government Hill, Statue Square and Hong Kong Club
  • Green spaces:
    • one half day program including visits of a the zoological garden, Hong Kong Park and Bowen Road Park, haven of peace in the middle of a modern city
  • Mysteries of Kowloon :
    • one half day program including food and antique markets in Kowloon, street stalls and traditional Chinese temples 
  • Honk Kong cinema tour
    • one half day program including visits to former shooting site, Shaw Brothers studios and Diamond Hill cinema district
  • Hong Kong temple tour
    • one half day program including visits of buddhist and taosit temples with cultural comments about religions and traditions in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong lost villages
    • Find out about last original villages of Hong Kong, traditional lifestyle close to modern buildings, migrant and fishermen's villages
  • Battle of Hong Kong memorial tour
    • Visit of British coastal batteries, history of "Black Christmas" and memory tour on the sites of the Battle of Hong Kong
We can of course build up a specific program for you with friends and family. Feel free to ask about packages and availabilities: here