Hong Kong & Shanghai Culture Tours

Hong Kong: 454 Des Voeux Road West, 27 B,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, tel (+852) 69969225

Shanghai: South Maoming Road Lane 159, 12#,
Huanpu District, Shanghai 200020, tel (+86) 15021769130


Our values

Exchange and Respect:
Differences, far from creating gaps between people, is a unique opportunity to get a smarter point of view is a constantly changing world. China needs to learn from the West but at the same time westerners should also learn from China.  
Be open minded:
When westerners think about China, their vision is often distorted by images carried out by media, showing for instance forests of skyscrapers or extremely poor places. This distorted view also exists in China. So go and discover other people's actual daily life!

Learn by doing:

Talking about China, books and TV are not enough! China World Explorers therefore gives you a unique opportunity to learn secular gestures and attitudes from the very source. After, it is up to you to go on by yourself.

Keeping a curious attitude in life is one of the secrets of a young spirit at all ages. Acting this way leaves an open space for real discoveries. So just get off the beaten tracks with us!