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Blogging Hong Kong

01/16/2018 11:25
Following the successful blog about Shanghai heritage sites and stories, we decided to extend it to Hong Kong, making you share our discoveries as well as exclusive stories. You can find a first article commenting the history of Peninsula Hotel Kowloon. Enjoy! Blog

Talk to Concordia students

01/25/2017 11:37
On the invitation of teacher Deborah Johnston, Didier Pujol made a presentation to Shanghai Concordia International High School history class about experiencing Shanghai. Sharing personal and collective stories was a great moment for all!
In order to facilitate orientation and family adaptation in Shanghai, companies like Auchan now use Shanghai Culture Tours on a regular basis to introduce the city to their top executives. Family tours are organized with historic, geographic and cultural aspects to give to potential new expats a...

Treasure hunt in Shanghai!

02/24/2016 13:15
In order to discover Shanghai in a funnier way, Shanghai Culture Tours created cultural treasure hunts. Come and play with your friends, family and colleagues! Small groups will compete with each other to find photos, test local food or share funny activities with Shanghainese. In the meantime, you...
Shanghai Culture Tours is a Silver Sponsor of the "99 Women" project. "99 Women" is a musical and dancing show performed in Shanghai whose benefits go to building homes and training for women in Sichuan. Shanghai Culture Tours is happy to contribute to the success of such a caritative...
In order to bring teams together, Shanghai Culture Tours organized a treasure hunt in all Shanghai city for forty people during one half day. Cultural games, photo search and even collecting flavors made everyone happy with tangible results on team efficiency and working methods. From this...
Talking about Shanghai music culture, past and present for French magazine:


05/18/2015 07:24
I spent the afternoon with Didier leading me on a tour of Shanghai's French Concession neighborhood. I have traveled to many cities in the world and I have had many tour guides. I can honestly say that Didier is one of the best. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the architecture of the...

Incentive tour for Renault

05/18/2015 06:27
Shanghai Culture Tours was recently selected to accompany some 200 executives of Renault Group (DIAC) in Shanghai during their stay in Shanghai. The DIAC incentive program included various activities like cultural tours, motorbike, temple visits or Chinese massage. This is the largest incentive...

New interview

05/18/2015 06:21
On the occasion of their world tour of Alumnis, Axel and Guillaume published a nice interview for Neoma Business School:interview here: https://neomabsworldtour.com/les-portraits/didier-pujol-chine/
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